Acquario di Genova’s summer is not over: it is still rich of news and events. Adults and children will spend a special time with innovative attractions and sealife new comers.

First of all, “Paleoacquarium, the sea at the dinosaurus age”, the one-of-the-kind exhibition opened last July 15th at Galleria Atlantide.

The first one in Europe fully dedicated to sea fauna at the paleolitic age, it has been realized by Costa Endutaiment with the assistance of Mr. Stefano Nosotti and Simone Maganuco (both experts from Museo di Storia Naturale of Milan) and in cooperation with ETT ( and Prehistoric Minds (

PaleoAquarium, the sea at the dinosaurus age

Aquarium of Genoa – Atlantis Gallery Temporary exhibition in European Preview Period: from 15 July 2017 to March 31, 2018Timing: July and August 8.30 – 22.30 (last enter at 21.30)Prices: Adults 13 € – Children (4-12 years) 10 € – Children (0-4 years) free Discount 2 € if embedled with the Aquarium ticket

A 360 degrees trip within the paleolitic timeframe supported by a wide range of audiovisual/multimedia tools as well as true environment scale reproduction and much more to discover.

Because of its spectacular impact on the public, the reconstructions of aquatic animals of the past is a highlight of the show: that’s the case of a plesiosaurus specimen that inspired the legend of Loch Ness monster … And more is in the Paleontologist’s lab, where you can hear stories and curiosities about prehistoric marine reptiles, along with fascinating light and projection games. Your jurassic experience continues in the VR area, where, sitting on one of the 10 dynamics armchairs, you can spend a particularly realistic and exciting time through the virtual technology. And then, there are 300 square meters of glassfans, with a multitude of marine animals today extinct and illustrated on a natural scale, as proof of the richness in marine prehistoric life. Complete your visit with the map of Italy, reporting the most famous discoveries of extinct marine species in our country; and two multimedia stations with an intuitive and explorative game and a “Paleoquiz” in ten questions aim to test your knowledge about seas of the past, alone or in a competition with other players.

But there are more summer activities in Acquarium of Genoa. Early (and curious) people may begin to “experience” the Aquarium of Genoa in the early hours of the day, following step by step the routine activities of the Aquarium team: a special tour, for a small group (up to 12 people), to discover news and curious aspects about facilities, control of animal and their care (including food distribution), before the official opening. “Open the Aquarium with us” is an opportunity to enjoy the exclusive tanks visit. The experience, starting at 7.30 am and ending with breakfast at Tender Café, is available only on weekends and can be bought only online at a cost of 60 euros per person (+ticket to the Aquarium).

To know what happens before the Aquarium opens, but also what happens behind the scenes, it is now possible in a special visit guided by an expert; you will discover what is hidden behind the tanks of Aquarium and learn about conservation and reproduction projects in controlled environment for the different species of seaanimals. It lasts about 1 hour and 15 minutes and can be purchased embendled with the visit to the whole Aquarium at the cost of 33 euros for adults, 21 euros for boys (4-12 years), free for children (0 -3 years). Visits are every day at 10.30, 11, 12.30, 14, 15, 15.30. There is also an itinerary thought for the youngest: “Behind the scenes for Kids” is for children aged 4 to 7 (accompanied by their parents) to discover Aquarium’s secret areas. It lasts about 1 hour and 15 minutes and can also be purchased with the joint ticket costing 30 euros for adults, 24 euros for children. This special visit is available every day at 11.30 and 14.30.

Both visits “Behind the scenes” can also be bought directly in Aquarium, at the desk dedicated to the Abissi room, no possibility to book timing in advance (available family discount)

And for greedy people there is something new on board of Aquarium “Nave Italia”, also opened to the citizens and external public until September 17th, at happy hour time. It’s “Aperigourmet”: special happy hour with musical evenings and special events. Every day between 6pm and 6.30pm you can taste a wide selection of delicious snacks: AperiSteak, Aperiburger, AperiPesto AperiFocaccia, Aperipizza and many more, with prices from 7 euros. In addition, lots of musical moments will enrich summer evenings in Genoa, along with traditional food, revisited by a chef in a refined and high quality menu.  Will you learn to identify the cetaceans living in the Pelagos Shrine, respecting them and the environment in which they live? Now it is possible with “CrocierAcquario” a special tour that joins the Genoa Aquarium to the boat trip following Cetaceans routes and it is part of the Metropolitan Dolphin Research project. CrocierAcquario sails every Wednesday and Sunday (only if weather is favorable).

CrocierAcquario (Aquarium of Genova + boat trip following the Cetaceans routes) costs 47 Euros for adults, 23 Euros for children (4-12 years). The boat trip is also available individually. For information and reservations, please contact C-Way, tel. 010 / 2345.666,

This special summer at Aquarium will also be remembered for a truly unique birth in the history of the structure: a Papua chick puppy (Pygoscelis papua papua), in the subantartic tank (dedicated to these aquatic birds, hosting also Magellan’s penguin). The baby was born on July 10th from an egg laid on June 2nd in the pebbled nest made by Daddy White and Mum-Orange-White. The egg was alternately baked by dad and mom, feeding the little baby regurgitating directly into its beak pre-digested foods. Parents never leave the nest at the same time and are very careful to protect their baby. The little is visible in his nest inside the swarm of penguins between its parents. Growing, the chick will be more and more visible while remaining in the nest under the careful monitoring of its parents. In that tank there are also two Magellan penguin eggs: the chicks are visible to the public.

All the news and appointments in the Aquarium of Genoa are available at and on the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles of the structure. Until August 31, opening is every day from 8.30 to 22.30 (last enter at 20.30).


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